‘They Messed With The Incorrect Family’

‘They Messed With The Incorrect Family’


WASHINGTON –Andy Parker, talking on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, vowed to continue the drive for more powerful gun laws and much more in depth background checks for anyone desiring to buy weapons.

Parker’s daughter was one of two journalists Virginia, who have been killed this week with a disgruntled ex-employee of the station.

“What I’d like for everyone to understand and also to remember is, you know — only do not be desensitized to this problem,” Parker said. “And do not go, ‘Oh, gee, this is another terrible event, what is for dinner tonight, honey?'”

Parker said he worries the people will forget his daughter’s narrative, and that’s why he intends to “hold politicians’ feet to the fire.”

“I only need visitors to understand that Iwill be working on this for quite a while,” he said. “I understand that this really is not a sprint. Itis a marathon.”

Some frustration was expressed by Parker with questions that repeated remarks made by Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, putting the blame on mental health accessibility as an alternative to firearm laws.

“I have now been requested by several media outlets, you know, well, Trump says ‘this isn’t a firearm problem, itis a mental health problem,'” Parker said. “Well, he is half-correct. It’s a mental health problem. However there is a linkage there between firearms and mental health, and there is got to be some sort of protocol created, to ensure individuals keep folks from getting firearms.”

Unlike Colorado, Parker expects this time leads to the passage of firearm laws.