Three including Ex-Mrs America accuse Bill Cosby of abuse

Three including Ex-Mrs America accuse Bill Cosby of abuse


LOS ANGELES: Three more girls, including a former Mrs America, came forward to accuse US comic Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

The girls talked in a news conference in La, tearfully recalling their encounter together with the disgraced comic and they were supposedly mistreated by him.

The three join tons of other girls that have come forward in recent months maintaining sexual abuse by the TV star.

But she said, the comic attempted to pressure her.

When she rejected his advances, she said, Cosby warned unless she slept with him that she’d never make it in the company.

“I reacted ‘shame for you Mr Father Figure of America’, your children are old than I am,” Christie said.

Pamela Abeyta said she met with Cosby when she was 25 and expecting to appear in Playboy magazine.

She said Cosby invited her to Vegas where she stayed at his penthouse hotel suite in another bedroom.

Abeyta said she woke right up in the comic’s bed and passed out at some point.

– ‘Understood I was drugged’ –

“The next thing I recall was waking up in my own car, my head hanging down in the seat, alone,” she said.

The women’s testimony in the offices of star lawyer Gloria Allred comes only a week ahead of the disgraced comic is placed to provide a deposition in a sexual assault case that is different.

That case involves a girl who alleges she was attacked by Cosby in Los Angeles when she was 15 at the Playboy Mansion.

Allred, who’s also representing the girl, said she’s fighting with a motion by Cosby’s lawyers to stop public release of the deposition.

In a deposition in 2005, Cosby acknowledged he used sedatives into having sex to entice a minumum of one girl.

The statute of limitations prevents most from taking legal action of the girls that have accused the comic of sexual assault. The case that he will be deposed may go forward when the girl proved to be a minor, as the alleged offense took place.

They mostly went undetected using the girls involved treated with disbelief although rape allegations from the comic surfaced more than a decade past as well as the comic’s career rolling on.

But the latest tide of accusations has resulted in TV networks backing from jobs with several universities and Cosby stripping him.

  • Michael Ovitz

    Who thinks Cosby wasn’t surrounded by a lot of enablers who kept this stuff quiet all along? Consider this: a Cosby Show staffer was fired and blackballed way back in 1992 for writing this script–and the guy had already been doing this stuff for 20 years!