Three-year-old boy with inoperable brain tumour-£135k proton therapy

Three-year-old boy with inoperable brain tumour-£135k proton therapy


A three-year old lad who had been identified as having an inoperable brain tumour’s family happen to be given a glimmer of hope.

Sam Crombie- Addison is qualified to receive proton treatment in the United States as time goes on.

The treatment gives a greater dose than chemotherapy, which may be used and vital organs to control and handle cancer.

But Sam will be unable to receive it.

Anna Crombie-Addison and parents Jonathan Addison happen to be overwhelmed with gifts from family, buddies and strangers after an internet effort was started to take the family to Disneyland Paris, which was reserved for this season.

Sam is qualified for the proton treatment if managed independently, to be financed by the NHS, which will cost around GBP135,000 as the tumour continues to be classed as inoperable.

Sam’s dad, Jonathan, 34, said doctors told the family they will have to fly for the treatment to the United States, because it’s unavailable in Britain.

“This was the most effective result Jonathan could anticipate from your appointment, yet unfortunately doctors confirmed our suspicions that his tumour is inoperable as attempting to remove it might cause way an excessive amount of damage,” the family said.

Sam included:

“It works in this type of manner in which the damage normally due to radiotherapy including blindness, mental problems as well as the possibility of secondary cancers resulting from the treatment, are nearly removed, as the protons enter the brain with pin point precision and will be delivered in such a manner they don’t harm healthy tissue.

“In some ways it’s an excellent thing the tumour is inoperable as it means he’ll get the therapy.

“If Jonathan is able to live before the age of about 20, there’s every opportunity of him living a complete, long life as the hormones ‘switch off’ the development of the tumour.”

Within recent weeks and months Sam continues to be treated to several days outside as well as many gifts have been received by the family.

Jonathan’s companies, Cristal, helped to organise a unique day out at Kiln Lane fire station.

Sam included: “I want to thank both Cristal and all of the staff in the fire station for organizing this memorable day out.

“He’s been repeatedly requesting Cristal to have a grill so that they might arrive at your house and place the fire out so he could see them again.”

Grimsby Community Recycling Centre, who also contributed GBP250 to the excursion to Disneyland has also given Sam a wooden play house.

Cleethorpes Mobility Centre Cleeton Platform and Mominique’s Beauty Spa all have received special thanks in the family for his or her help.

You can donate to towards the family’s travel and accommodation costs when Sam receives proton therapy in America, by visiting: