#ThrowbackSaturday: When Shah Rukh Khan Asked Priyanka Chopra Who She’d Marry!

#ThrowbackSaturday: When Shah Rukh Khan Asked Priyanka Chopra Who She’d Marry!


The world was introduced in the Miss World pageant back in 2000 to the lovely Priyanka Chopra. Not a lot of people recall that Shah Rukh Khan was among the judges on the panel and he was the person who inquired PC her closing question. In his quintessential manner, she was asked by SRK who she’d marry from the three choices given to her – the Badshah wasn’t chosen by Well PC, but went for the sportsperson – fine.

“This is hypothetical. Who would you rather marry? A great Indian sportsmen with all the records in Indian cricket like Azhar Bhai here (Mohd. Azharuddin was present at the event) who would make our country proud, take you all around the world and make you swell with pride? An artistic business person with a difficult name to pronounce, like Swarovski who would bedeck you with jewels and fine necklaces and you will never have to buy a chandelier for your house ever again or a Hindi film star like me who has nothing better to do than give you complicated multiple choice questions about a hypothetical wedding like this.”

“I would go for a great Indian sportsman because when I come back home or he comes back home, I know I will be there to be his support to tell him that I am proud of him as much as India is.

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