Tinseltown’s most stylish teens through a latest glamorous-shoot

Tinseltown’s most stylish teens through a latest glamorous-shoot


They are the most fashionable teenagers, and now Kendall of Tinseltown by releasing the most recent fall from fans’ trend range, and Kylie Jenner are giving the opportunity to emulate their design.

Following the enormous success of the sisters’ inaugural group, which started in June 2015, Kylie Jenner and Kendall have designed a range just for Topshop.

The 15-piece capsule collection is, in accordance with the power sisters, packaged using an assortment of ‘must have party pieces’ that represent the girls’ fashion.

Talking about their most recent fall, the star sisters said: ‘This collection reflects our favourite holiday fashion. We made sure to include a unique selection of pieces, from glamorous to edgy. Each one is special for the holiday season and captures the perfect party look mixed with effortless LA street style.’

‘We really wanted to showcase our personal style but mix it up with a holiday twist. The holidays are always so festive and of course, you have to have the right wardrobe for every occasion. We wanted to design a special line of pieces that capture both an elegant and edgy vibe.’

The fashionable duo, who have lent their good looks to a Balmain campaign, said the sophisticated black pieces within the collection are the ‘perfect gifts.’

‘They’re super versatile and work for not only the holidays but basically every season,’ they said. ‘Everyone looks good in a chic black top and pants combo. The varsity jacket is a good gift for all of our friends!.’

Kendall, 20, and Kylie, 18, also shared their top tips for the ultimate party look. ‘You always have to add a little metallic or shimmer,’ they said.

‘It can be subtle but anything that sparkles best captures the spirit of the holidays. Also, knits are perfect for Christmas. A cozy oversized sweater is a definite go-to.’