Titanic Hero has a look-alike lives in Sweden

Titanic Hero has a look-alike lives in Sweden


They say that everyone has a twin, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s apparently lives in Sweden.

Meet Konrad Annerud, a 21-year old bartender who so resembles the “Titanic” star that it’s made him a social networking ace.

The bartender’s Instagram account could readily be mistaken for that of a young DiCaprio’s.


Annerud told nyheter24.se in an interview he sometimes gets called by the actor’s name, which could become tiresome.

It is particularly difficult when he’s abroad, he said, with people yelling, “Leo,” at him when he was in Italy last summer and planning to take pictures.

Yet Annerud appears to be taking it all in stride, telling the publication it is fun looking like DiCaprio as “he is attractive.”