Today’s Tamasha: Sussanne Khan Tweeted THIS About The Hrithik & Kangana Issue

Today’s Tamasha: Sussanne Khan Tweeted THIS About The Hrithik & Kangana Issue


There have already been reports doing the rounds for several hours that Sussanne Khan was overheard discussing Kangana Ranaut and the Hrithik Roshan’s case with her family.

The reports stated that a source overheard them talking, and while he/she wasn’t able to hear what was being said, the conversation was apparently an intense one. Well, Sussanne has now taken to Twitter – after a VERY long time – to respond to these reports.

Now, after reading this report in a leading daily, Sussanne Khan took to Twitter and wrote this, ”Hello @dna you wanna know what I am thinking..So sorry you will never know. So continue guessing.”

The report in DNA stated, ”The Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut legal battle is getting uglier by the day and it seems to have got everyone talking. However, people close to him have maintained their silence. While it was suggested to him that he should make the females in the family speak out in his support, the actor refused to drag his mother, sister or ex-wife Sussanne Khan into this.”

”However, last night Sussanne was overheard discussing the Hrithik-Kangana in a public place. Our source spotted Sussanne at the Istanbul airport, boarding the flight to Mumbai. along with her father Sanjay Khan, brother actor Zayed and his wife Malaika, their kids and their maids. While walking past this entourage, our source overheard them talking about the case.”

”He reveals, “I heard them talking about Hrithik and Kangana’s case. They continued walking so couldn’t hear what they were exactly talking about. However, I must add that they were so engrossed in their talk that they weren’t looking at their children and it was the maid who had to look after all four of them.”

Hmm…quite an interesting reaction from Sussanne Khan…what say readers?