TOO GOOD! Dear Zindagi teaser: Shah Rukh and Alia’s kabaddi with the...

TOO GOOD! Dear Zindagi teaser: Shah Rukh and Alia’s kabaddi with the waves is the only thing you should watch today, ON LOOP!


Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt have been teasing us mad with tidbits of Dear Zindagi since sometime now. Recall the first Twitter banter these two had many months ago? At the end of it all, we got a pic of a really eye pleasing Shah Rukh Khan looking and smiling fondly at Alia Bhatt who sitting beneath with an amusing expression on her face looking at something on her phone. That picture was engraved in our heads. Now we have the teaser of the movie and we have already saw it enjoy many times. Why? How can it be possible to get over Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt in it? Like how! (Also read: Dear Zindagi: Thank you Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt for giving us a lot more than one reason to smile)

The video begins with Shah Rukh Khan’s voice (and that awakened something in us, DAMN you SRK!) He says, “Mere Dad har Sunday mujhe yaha laya karte the, Samundar se kabaddi khelne.” Then he gives Alia the glares to show her how he plays with kabbadi. And we bet you’ve never seen the sea the way Shah Rukh does in the teaser. Maybe you have thought of playing that? No right? Trust Shah Rukh to present one to so much amazement. We only love him for that. We can’t get it over. Yes, Alia Bhatt appears wondrous in the teaser. She actually is the right protege for him to dress. He and a life coach play here and therapy might not really work if you’ve someone so distractingly hot as your trainer.

Yesterday, the first poster was released of the movie which had Alia and Shah Rukh riding a bike in the woods. We gushed over it like plenty. We can see Shah Rukh is being a sort listener while Alia is enjoying his business with her spirited dialog. The expressions say everything. In fact we love the way the graphic looks so natural that for a second you’d be mistaken off display bonding from the film or simply a chance of Alia’s and Shah Rukh. Now such is the kinda vibe across – quite natural, very relatable that Dear Zindagi is placing.

And a hot Shah Rukh having a shower preceded this poster. We got so many dirty thoughts in our head merely looking at that. It ’s time you feel free’ looking at this teaser. See away…