TOO SEXY! Priyanka Chopra’s this still from Quantico is making us worried...

TOO SEXY! Priyanka Chopra’s this still from Quantico is making us worried about her fate in the third episode


The new season of Quantico has began a week back, and it is already in the news thanks to Priyanka Chopra’s move that was bold. In the first episode we get to see Priyanka in a skimpy black bra, something she’s never done in her career. In the second episode, she’s seen a passionate lovemaking scene with her co star Jake McLaughlin, who plays Ryan Booth. The new season follows exactly the same format as the first season – breaking up the episodes. The timeline that is previous has Priyanka Chopra‘s character Alex Parrish, ousted from her FBI squad, going through the training agenda, along with beau Ryan and getting into CIA. In a Die Hard, she is in the future timeline -like situation where she needs to save the President and her friends from a terrorist attack, as an one girl army. In the last episode, we realise that her former FBI supervisor betrays Alex Parrish of the terrorists to one.

We came across this still of Priyanka Chopra‘s from the forthcoming episode that shows her injured and in the clutches of the masked terrorists, which begs us to ask this – Will Alex Parrish stop her John McClane act in the third episode and be among the captives like Ryan, Raina and others? Has this anything to do with her boss’ betrayal? The preceding doesn’t give a cheery picture of Alex’s fight against the baddies, but we know for sure, that there is no deadly risk – they just can’t kill her away so soon.

The makers of Quantico has to do something exciting and new with the series, as the ratings have taken a fall that is huge compared to the last season. But Priyanka can’t do much here to save the show’s plummeting ratings, until the makers can bring something extraordinary out of the hat.