Top 5 performances of Anushka Sharma

Top 5 performances of Anushka Sharma


She is seen by you and you fall in love together with her. Anushka Sharma is one firebrand that will melt you completely. With high spirits and so much gusto, she’s at the very top of her career .

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi made her a star, Band Baaja Baraat honed her performing skills, and eventually she was taken by PK into the A-league of celebrities. But it’s NH10 that brought her performing art to the fore.

As NH10 premiers on &Pictures on October 31, we pick the top 5 performances of the actor and, now, producer Anushka Sharma.

NH10: This is undoubtedly Anushka Sharma’s finest performance till date. Strong and powerful, Meera (the part) is a role model for the girls of today. The conviction with which she aced her performance is commendable; next year, we will not be surprised if Anushka totes a few Best Actress Awards.

While NH10 was a gritty, action-packed thriller, Anushka’s strength lies in playing with the bubbly, effervescent girl on-screen. Considering that it is Band Baaja Baaraat her shoot right into the A list, where she was seen competing with the who’s who to become the very best Actress that year. She won an award leaving behind Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the likes of Kajol!

PK: It’s not easy to produce the camera along with the audience’s attention turn towards you when you play opposite a stalwart like Aamir Khan.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: A leading debut opposite a heavyweight star had the spotlight on her ever since she began her journey as an actress. The character of Tani ‘partner’ is close. The sweetness, the simplicity as well as the ease with which Anushka played the role out deserves an applause.

In a greatly criticised film it was just one thing that made it work. Anushka’s fantastic screen presence and her naughty nonchalance paired with Shah Rukh’s charm. Taking the cake away from Katrina, it was Anushka’s character Akira who stole the thunder!