Top Irish news writer announces he’s “sex fluid”

Top Irish news writer announces he’s “sex fluid”

Jonathan Clynch

A leading news reporter for Ireland’s national broadcaster, has been “overwhelmed” by the support he has received from his employers and the public since he revealed that he identifies as “gender fluid.”

After 16 years of service the 44-year-old writer expected now be called Jonathan Rachel Clynch by RTÉ.

Sexuality liquid, the word, implies that Clynch sometimes recognizes occasionally as feminine and as man.

The broadcaster produced this statement:


“[We], both as an employer and broadcaster, value the uniqueness of individuals and encourage diversity and equality.”

“We are 100% supportive of Jonathan Rachel who is a valued member of staff and a highly respected journalist.”


Regarding RTÉ fully supporting Jonathan Rachel Clynch coming out as gender-fluid. It’s great to see society accept people for who they are.

Best wishes to Jonathan Rachel. Ireland sprinting forward. RTÉ reporter Jonathan Clynch identifies as ‘gender fluid’

Well done to RTÉ for their positive support for their employee Jonathan Rachel Clynch. That’s how an employer ought to react.

 He worked with RTE for 16 years, usually filling in on Radio One’s “News at One.” He can come back to work on the International Table in the coming months, and is currently on the extended getaway, which he’d designed far ahead of time.

A pal of the reporter told the Herald, “He has been open about it for a while now and his friends and family were all aware of his situation.

“He is going through a process at the moment and will speak about it in his own time and he hopes everyone will be respectful of that.”

The foundation continued “The response continues to be hugely beneficial so far then it’s a good thing and when his condition serves as being a talking place as well as an approach to train persons.

” He’ll be back to function the following month and you will be warmly received by his peers.”

According to “Gender fluidity delivers a larger, more versatile range of sexuality phrase, with passions and behaviors that will actually differ from day to day. Sex liquid folks do not feel limited by restricted limits of stereotypical expectations of men and women.

“For some people, sex assists to exclusively determine their gender identity, and truly fluidity runs beyond pursuits and behaviour. Quite simply, a person may experience they possibly believe neither phrase identifies them effectively, or are much more man and more woman on some days on others. To be sex fluid.” their identity is observed