TOP NEWS! India’s Uri evidence fails to convince US: officials

TOP NEWS! India’s Uri evidence fails to convince US: officials


In times of crisis between Pakistan and India, the United States is known to have always played a crucial part – sometimes overtly but frequently covertly – to prevent the two nuclear-armed archrivals from a military showdown.

Over the past 15 years, a hawkish India came perilously close to resorting to military strikes against Pakistan— after the 2001 attack on its parliament and after that in 2008 when gunmen rampaged through Mumbai’s landmarks, killing over 160 individuals. Limited military choices and ability issues apart it was the United States which counseled India against exercising the military option.



As Pakistan and India once again locked horns for a potential military conflict in the aftermath of the Sept 18 Uri attack, the US is considered to have been quietly driving New Delhi to choose the military option off the table.

To The Express Tribune, senior Pakistani officials and diplomatic sources confirmed in heritage interviews that Washington was carefully watching the events unfolding in South Asia and working overnight to prevent the situation.

The Indian media started pointing accusatory fingers at Pakistan even as the assault was ongoing. Hours later, the Indian military claimed that the four attackers were linked to the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Muhammad militant group.

Islamabad rejected the claims as baseless and unfounded, and called the Indian move an effort to redirect attention from wild human rights abuses in Indian-occupied Kashmir.