TOUGH COMPETITION! Alia Bhatt’s Kapoor & Sons v/s Kareena Kapoor’s Ki &...

TOUGH COMPETITION! Alia Bhatt’s Kapoor & Sons v/s Kareena Kapoor’s Ki & Ka – which trailer did you like better?


Alia Bhatt has been touted as the newage Kareena Kapoor. The smasher has frequently spoken highly of her senior and we’d also seen a pic that was cute the women had shared that spoke volumes about their common admiration. And we can’t help but compare them against each other.

The initial preview managed to really go past the conventional amazing appearances of the performer.

There’s Fawad Khan who seems HOT as hell, his character also is a modern day take on young man that is angry. Then there is the wonderful Rishi Kapoor revealing some excellent comic timing, Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak both produce a couple that is perfect and yes, the real-life lovers reel chemistry is sizzling.

Arjun Kapoor starrer Ki and Kareena Kapoor & Ka additionally was able to catch eyeballs with an uncommon cast and a hatke issue. Bulky Arjun manages to succeed a woman along with his strategies that are not challenging. Support his working wife and Arjun needs to be a homemaker. Office goers wardrobe might inspire . R Balki’s this film is of a couple that does not pick gender roles that are clear. While the promo showcased clever dialogues and some amusing moments there is a particular type of mystery considering it is a Balki movie. Everybody we wager is interested to see his offbeat on treatment to a topic that is new.