TOUGH TIME! Will GORGEOUS Katrina Kaif finally get critical acclaim for Fitoor?

TOUGH TIME! Will GORGEOUS Katrina Kaif finally get critical acclaim for Fitoor?


Katrina Kaif is among the most famous actresses in Bollywood. For the majority of her career, she’s delivered successes.

Katrina’s last few releases have not panned out nicely. Bang Bang did well in the box office, but the movie got mixed reviews. And after the debacle as well as the endless postponement and difficulties for Jagga Jasoos of Phantom, matters seemed stormy for Katrina. Fitoor should work to keep her standing but we think that Fitoor isn’t a chance at redemption for the smasher, however a possibility to get something that she deserves. With Fitoor, the ladylove of Ranbir Kapoor has an opportunity to show her class to everyone and get more recognition for her performing abilities.

She’s never been an actress who aspires for critical acclaim or National Awards. I do believe she’s incredibly reasonable. I consider her to be among the wise girls in the Business because she understands its SUCCESSES which make you a star and not performances. Irrespective of length or the magnitude of her characters in her movies, she’s consistently actively strove to be part of successes that were superb. Be it the first pictures with Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar, she understands how to chose the pictures that are appropriate. But with Fitoor, she might acquire some recognition for her performing. Katrina has an excellent script sense and I do not mean that there’s something new in the script once I say script sense, but they’re commercial scripts.

Will after receiving critical acclaim Katrina’s livelihood change. Akshaye mentions, “Irrespective of Katrina getting critical acclaim for the movie or not, it does not matter because one movie does not make or break a star. In case you view her last three movies – Bang Bang Dhoom 3 and Phantom, 2 from the three have been successes. So, she’s at an excellent spot in her profession.”

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