INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN! Rob Kardashian Drops A Ton Of Weight See His...

INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN! Rob Kardashian Drops A Ton Of Weight See His Dramatic New Look


That is what Rob Kardashian is now ever since he began dating Blac Chyna, with new photographs revealing he is dropped SO much weight in just a couple of months! As he is looking better now than he’s in years, Rob Kardashian’s rigorous diet and workout strategy has fully repaid. In photographs taken the 29-year old is really wearing fitted tshirts instead of being forced to hide under all those loose hoodies like he used to, again.

Forget about loose, body hiding clothing for Rob as he is looking fitter than he’s in his tops and years are beginning to fit. He was seen running errands in L.A. wearing a white tshirt, and it showed off his considerably more slender mid section, even his abdomen has began to vanish!

Rob’s weight loss is not credible in comparison to photographs from two months past, when he and Blac coupled up. It ends up that is the best thing that is occurred in a very long time to him because his want to appear great for his girl has actually made him lose the weight so very quickly! Only at that rate he might have lost more weight than his sister Kim Kardashian, 35, who declared March 21 that she is lost 42 pounds after the arrival of her three-month-old son Saint West, but still had another 28 to go. Rigorous, but son and powerful would be the results noticeable!