Treatment for pupils suffering from mental health

Treatment for pupils suffering from mental health


Schools are in need to make 999 calls to get treatment for pupils due to service deficits, head teachers say suffering from mental health difficulties.

They are needing to call the police or ambulances to get students to A&E for the help they need, they say.

Some schools are being requested to cover services for students that are distressed which should be provided by the NHS or social services, says the ASCL heads’ union.

The government said it had ring-fenced GBP1.4bn for children’s mental health.

It was quite difficult to obtain the right professional to handle a kid’s unique educational need, and local mental health services are not able enough to offer early support, counsellors and therapists said.

Schools should be able to report an instance of a child with mental health difficulties into a trained specialist who is able to provide proper help and support, ASCL told the committee, instead of employing “emotional first aid”.

“Such practice is unacceptable,” the NASUWT said, adding: “It… will probably lead to delay or even prevent children and young individuals with Send (specific educational needs and disability) from receiving the support they need.”