Trump knocks Rubio out of race, Republicans in turmoil

Trump knocks Rubio out of race, Republicans in turmoil


While the Republican race stayed in chaos on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s successes in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina throw uncertainty on U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’s skill to overtake her for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Trump’s triumphs in Illinois, Florida and North Carolina in the party attempting to prevent him with a predicament. those brought him nearer

That, nevertheless, would risk alienating the countless Americans who back former reality TV show host and the real estate developer.

Ohio Governor John Kasich’s success in his home state left him as the final institution Republican nominee standing after Rubio, a U.S. senator, pulled out of the race. Rubio lost in Rubio’s home state of Florida in a Trump landside.

MSNBC projected Clinton and Trump would win Missouri in tight races. With 100 percent of the votes Sanders was directed by Clinton by about 1,500 votes Cruz directed and Trump by about 1,600 votes.

Many party leaders are appalled in the billionaire Trump’s incendiary rhetoric and consider his policy positions are out of step with core Republican thought, including his vow to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, briefly prohibit Muslims from America, create a wall across the boundary with Mexico and demand protectionist trade policies.

However, their play to prevent him has come too late as a Republican area that once contained Trump and 16 high profile party figures has dwindled to just three with Trump, 69, in command ahead of Kasich, 63, 45, and Cruz.

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