Turkey’s Erdogan to hold migration discussions with EU

Turkey’s Erdogan to hold migration discussions with EU


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would be to hold crucial talks with EU officials on the best way to take care of the disaster that is migrant.

Turkey has been among the primary departure points for anyone attempting to reach Europe and is home.

It’s believed financial aid will be offered by EU officials for more camps.

Mr Erdogan is anticipated to press for more EU engagement to terminate the war.

The EU can also be anticipated to demand the privilege to assist patrol the shoreline to crack back on people smugglers in Turkey.

An authoritarian, strongman persona is cultivated by the Turkish president and he must keep up that ahead of tight elections. President will not come to be pushed.

The EU is telling President things to do with refugees in his state and how to better patrol his boundaries and so he means to smack an inventory of his own daunting demands available.

President needs EU support to set up a “safe zone” in northern Syria, only on the Turkish border and implies building enormous refugee camps there. The leaders in Europe Angela Merkel have ruled that chance out.

The discussions is going to be catchy – connections happen to be not relaxed after several decades of failed discussions on Turkey’s potential accession to the EU.

Refugee crisis stokes tensions

In addition to financial aid, the EU is predicted to accelerate the procedure for revoking visa restrictions and to provide the resettlement of more Syrians.