TURN OVER! Kangana ridicules her Legal Tussle with Hrithik in the most...

TURN OVER! Kangana ridicules her Legal Tussle with Hrithik in the most Epic way. Find Out


It wo’t be wrong if we write down the lyrics of a certain song as ‘Kangana Tera Swagger Laagey Alluring!’

Trust Kangana Ranaut to develop the most upfront and honest responses, as well as the ardent celebrity wo’t disappoint you. Therefore the whole world, like literally, knows about the performer’ nasty, legal tussle with Hrithik Roshan. But kudos to the woman, who has the knack of summarising the scenario using a mocking and considering the situation that is delicate jibe. Wonder how??

Well, a current video of Kangana is currently going viral on the social networking websites, from her appearance at the Young India National Summit. There, the celebrity had some fascinating things to say about Mr Roshan, like when she said that she has a ‘talent’ of selecting inappropriate folks! * LOL*
When someone from the audience asked her about her concept of an ideal proposal, it so happened, Kangy took no time to provide an answer which was beyond epic. Like actually! The performer made fun of her legal conflict but her break up too, having a trace of good-humoured sarcasm.

“If a person really wants to propose to me, that’s good. When a journalist asked if she believes in the nation’s judicial system Kang, she answered, “You need to believe it. If you’re smacked with a notice, you need to respond. For they’ve taken one to something or jail.”

Just like a manager, Kangy also got everyone with her oh-so-great swagger in splits. And, we are certainly not whining!