Twin Peaks’ Log Lady Catherine Coulson expires at 71

Twin Peaks’ Log Lady Catherine Coulson expires at 71


US celebrity Catherine Coulson, famous for playing with the Log Lady has died in the age of 71.

Mary Dangerfield, friend and Coulson’s representative, told The Hollywood Reporter the family hadn’t made the cause of death people.

“We’re all profoundly unhappy – she meant so much to so many,” Dangerfield said.

He included: She was always there for her friends – she was full of love for many folks, for her work, for her family.

‘Religious person’

The manager commended her “great sense of humour”, and said she was “a religious man – a longtime meditator.

Coulson was assistant director on his 1977 debut feature film Eraserhead and appeared in Lynch’s 1974 short film The Amputee, before playing with the Log Lady on both series of Twin Peaks as well as Twin Peaks:, in the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me.

It was about the set of Eraserhead that Lynch and Coulson started to talk about the concept of a girl who carried around a log.

She once described her character as the “only ordinary individual on the show,” but added that she is “had some injury and bonded with this particular Ponderosa pine”.

The credits of Lynch, whose, created the rage drama in the early 1990s with Mark Frost.

Revolving round the murder of teen schoolgirl Laura Palmer, the show was a forerunner of thick, cinematic TV shows like The Sopranos and The Wire.

It won three Golden Globe awards including greatest TV series and best performer for Kyle MacLachlan, in 1991.

Next year, an Twin Peaks sequel show which will air on US TV network Showtime will be directed by Lynch.