Two kids are killed in latest Russian airstrikes

Two kids are killed in latest Russian airstrikes


Two kids were the latest casualties of the airstrikes in Syria in Russia that have up to now killed up to 36 civilians, activists said.

The most recent air strikes hit on the district of Jabal al-Zawiya, in a place below the management of Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria as well as other Islamist rebel groups, based on a British-based tracking group.

‘Four civilians, including a female as well as a young child, were killed in raids’ said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.’

Simply because they were established on Wednesday, 28 people have been killed by Russian air strikes on Syria, says the Observatory.

Syria’s main opposition group accused of killing 36 civilians in the central state of Homs on Wednesday Moscow, but the Kremlin has denied any civilians were among the deceased.

Meanwhile, the deputy chief of staff for surveillance and intelligence for the Air Force, Lt General Robert Otto, said cluster bombs happen to be dropping – also called ‘dumb bombs’ – a reference to munitions which are not precision-directed.