ULTIMATE MADNESS! Kanye West Obsesses Over Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean?’...

ULTIMATE MADNESS! Kanye West Obsesses Over Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean?’ In Latest Twitter Rant


Kanye West is formally a Belieber! Yeezy started his latest Twitter rant off by declaring his love for Justin Bieber along with the megahit ‘What Do You Mean?.’ See Kanye’s Bieber-obsessed tweet there!

KANYE WEST TWEETED! “What do you mean by @JustinBieber was my favorite song of 2015.”

There is no denying that 21, Justin Bieber, makes some insanely catchy music — in fact Kanye West can not get enough of the information of JB! When the 38-year old rapper went on March 13 on among his many Twitter rants, he chose to talk about how much he cares for others.

Kanye felt like it was an excellent time to talk about his favourite 2015 jam with all the planet before telling his supporters he found his best quality. What exactly was it, Kanye?Good look at that…it looks Kanye caught about the Belieber car a year ago!

Considering we have seen Kanye and Justin hang out lots of times, it isn’t astonishing that Yeezy likes The Biebs’ music. But for Ye to declare that the hit of Justin was the greatest tune of the entire year in 2015? But hey, we can not actually claim with his fave song selection! Plus, Kanye actually has not had much rhyme or reason to his string of Twitter rants anyhow.

Kanye has been throughout the place along with his Twitter ideas from igniting a huge feud with Wiz Khalifa to declaring that he is $53 million in debt. He suggested he was tweeting in the toilet at one point! We must acknowledge that his latest tweet run was almost the most standard of all these so far, while we are still not actually certain what’s gotten into Ye recently. And with Kim Kardashian, this one will not get him in trouble unlike a number of his other rants.