UNEXPECTEDLY Shah Rukh Khan makes a kickass entry at the Reliance Jio...

UNEXPECTEDLY Shah Rukh Khan makes a kickass entry at the Reliance Jio 4G launch event


Shah Rukh Khan continues to be introduced as the brand ambassador of the telecom enterprise of Ambani, Reliance Jio 4G service! The start occurred with A R Rahman SRK as well as the whole of Ambani family in attendance as well as 35,000 peculiar workers from the Reliance business network! It definitely turned out to become one matter that was enormous and you would find that you check out these beautiful images in the glitzy occasion! Yes! Whoa! Now that is likely to get to manage there!

All satisfied along with his shades on, SRK made there he was and a power packed entry – stealing the show along with wit, his undying appeal and his ill-famed Gerua moves! No surprise despite being an Indian network Reliance Jio 4g is currently trending globally thanks to the enormous organization of SRK all, on Twitter!

Talking about this large organization with all the Ambani family, Khan also had previously disclosed, “I believe the electronic world, particularly with Jio, will transform from what I’ve comprehended till now since I ‘m the brand ambassador. On 27th (December), when the light start occurs, and we are going to do more in March-April, it’s going to be ground-breaking.”