UPDATE! Clinton, Trump clash over tax, economy, race in first US presidential...

UPDATE! Clinton, Trump clash over tax, economy, race in first US presidential debate


Democrat Hillary Clinton accused Republican Donald Trump of sexism, racism and tax avoidance on Monday during a heated presidential debate that may reshape the 2016 campaign for the White House.

Trump, a property tycoon making his first run for public office, said Clinton’s long years of service represented “poor experience” with few results and suggested her disavowal of a trade deal with Asian states was insincere.

70, for Trump, the argument was an opportunity to seem disciplined. For Clinton, 68, it was an opportunity to reassure voters she could be trusted. It remained to be seen how their performance would be judged by voters.

In a sign investors saw Clinton as the winner, Asian shares recouped early losses and the dollar edged away from an one-month trough against the yen. Marketplaces have tended to see Clinton as the candidate of the status quo.

In among the more heated exchanges, both candidates attacked each other for the controversy Trump stoked over whether President Barack Obama was born in America for years.

Released a long form birth certificate in 2011 to place the issue to rest. Only this month did Trump say publicly that he considered Obama was U.S.-born.

“He (Trump) has actually began his political action based on this particular racist lie that our first black president was not an American citizen. There was certainly no evidence for it. But he persevered. He endured year after year,” Clinton said.

Trump repeated his false accusation that Clinton’s neglected 2008 presidential campaign against Obama had originated the so called “birther” dilemma.

I was the one that got him to create the birth certificate and I believe I did a great job,” Trump said.

African-American voters overwhelmingly support Clinton, but Trump in recent weeks has said he considers they would be benefited by his policy plan and said the policies of Obama and Clinton had neglected to help black Americans.

“When you attempt to act holier than thou, it really doesn’t work,” Trump said.