Update! Game of Thrones season 6 episode 4 review: Daenerys Targaryen reminds...

Update! Game of Thrones season 6 episode 4 review: Daenerys Targaryen reminds the Dothrakis who the Khaleesi is!


Game of Thrones season 6 sure is a happening series of occasions as a lot seems to be going on simultaneously at every corner. If you guys recall, the third episode was quite a lot of tying loose ends. Although, even now when we see Jon reach the fourth episode of the show, we ca’t help but yelp a bit of joy in our heads because hey, we can expect anything from the producers!

While the third episode was’t even thorns or all sweet scented roses everywhere, in other words, it was just tedious. A drag on of the Starks are rising after a horrific tumble. Even Tyrion and Varys ’ chit chatting was quite too much. However, we’re again in for some new turn in the narrative after seeing the episode, Book of the Stranger, my faith in George R R Martin’s gyrus and twined sulci was reinstated to way too many degrees.

This episode focussed as the only Khaleesi of the Dothraki clan on the rise of Daenerys. The way she rose to achieve her standing after being thrown in the widow’s temple is badass and completely rad which you only cannot miss! As for what else happened in the episode, scroll below to find out.

# A reunion of the Starks. Nothing felt more heartwarming than to see as she reached Castle Black Jon Snow and Sansa Stark reunite. Seeing the happiness in their faces is very touching, although obviously, she is accompanied by Breinne of Tarth.

# Imagine what, Little Finger aka Petyr Baelish is back. He only convinces rather and has been working alongside Robin Arryn controls him to head North and save Sansa, who they believe is under Ramsay Bolton’s captivity by standing with their military against Bolton.

Hence, Jamie, Cersei and enemies Olenna Tyrell, shake hands with view.

They also have a heartfelt sib minute.

# Mad Bolton strikes again. This time around, he sends a letter to Jon Snow requesting him to return his wife aka Sansa back or the effects of the same wo’t be nice as he’s Rickon locked in his dungeon. Plus, a strong military waiting for orders at Winterfell. Determined to defeat him, Sansa convinces Jon to fight back and take their residence back from the cruel Bolton.

By giving them seven years to allow captivity, post that the rule shall be terminated, an alliance along with Missandei and Grey Worm cracks with the Masters of Meereen. Grey worm and Missandei get the public’s fury over this conclusion of Tyrion, who is now handling the management in the absence of Daenerys.

# Daenerys with her USP of playing with fire, on the other hand, kills other Khals inside a hut and Khal Moro that she sets fire to. She takes back what belongs to the name Khaleesi, her and the Dothrakis family and comes out of the fire without the clothes.

The episode, minus the Meereen bit where I consider fast brain and Tyrion’s strategies is being wasted, was really quite badass just like the other episodes thus far. Ordinarily the makers follow a pattern of making things drilling initially but this season certainly has broken that routine by always giving us new things to look ahead. I would like to understand what’s happening next with Bran and Arya though. What are your ideas? Tell us!