UPDATE! Is this how Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil team is trying to convince...

UPDATE! Is this how Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil team is trying to convince Shah Rukh Khan to postpone Raees?


We revealed to you how Rakesh Roshan had announced that he and son Hrithik Roshan will begin working on Krrish 4 by early next year and release their film in Christmas 2018. Nonetheless, li’l did Roshan Sr. know that Shah Rukh Khan‘s film with Aanand L Rai was releasing during that span too. This means after Kaabil and Raees, we would see another extreme battle between Hrithik and SRK. However, the Kaabil producer clarified that he’d no idea about Shah Rukh’s release date announcement about his picture with Aanand L Rai.

Within an interview with Bombay Times, Rakesh Roshan said, “It’s unethical for me to release my picture on this date as Shah Rukh has announced his movie.” Fascinating statement right? When asked about the Raees–Kaabil conflict, Rakesh mentioned, “I had announced the date for Kaabil before. If they’re coming on precisely the same date I can’t do anything about it.”

Both of these assertions are really powerful and we wonder whether this is a tactical move by Rakesh Roshan and the makers of Kaabil. They might be suggesting that SRK should also follow suit in the instance of Kaabil and Raees by showing that they’re willing to contemplate shifting Krrish 4 coz SRK pronounced the date first. Given the latter had announced the release date first, SRK should ideally postpone Raees also or it would be unethical? However, this could also just be plain coincidence that this was mentioned about by Rakesh Roshan and he mightn’t be implying this…

In fact, he considers the Raees performer his younger brother, as he told the daily, “I don’t know what they will eventually determine. We’re here to make films, not create controversies. So far as Shah Rukh is worried, he’s like a smaller brother to me. I then worked in Karan Arjun and Koyla.” with him, and gave him a break in King Uncle

For those of you who don’t know? SRK’s Raees was assumed to collide with Salman Khan‘s Sultan, however the latter requested SRK to transfer their film and so they did. Shah Rukh and the makers of Raees afterwards declared that their picture would be released by them on January 26, 2017. This meant they’d be battling with Kaabil and they’ven’t found out a way yet, even although the producers of both the movies have met! Will either of them move or will the clash happen? We shall need to wait and watch out for this one! Could it be a hidden message to try to convince Shah Rukh Khan to postpone Raees again? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments section below!