UPDATE! Salman Khan off to Manali for Tubelight after the premiere of...

UPDATE! Salman Khan off to Manali for Tubelight after the premiere of Bigg Boss 10


The celebrity just landed to shoot for the premiere episode of Bigg Boss season 10 and now appears to be in his flying mode. We seen him leaving for the beautiful city of Uttaranchal. No points for guessing if he’ll contnue to juggle between Manali and Mumbai as he could be shooting for Tubelight and Bigg Boss simultaneously.

Dresses in casuals Being denim and Human T shirt, he seemed nothing less than a cool dude. This celebrity was seen by the premier episode season 10 which aired yesterday, of Bigg Boss introducing 15 contestants for this year and looking at them, we can well assure you men that it’s gonna be an enjoyable ride this season. You can anticipate lots of tussel between the common man and celebs as they have been locked inside one house for an interval of three months. It is going to be fascinating to see whom does Mr Khan prefer this time. Will it be his celeb friends or Aam Aadmi?

He’ll attempt to complete the second schedule of the picture when possible as the actor leaves for Manali. After this is finished by him, he’ll then have to begin focusing on film’s third and closing schedule whose location remains not known. Before the star was in Leh Ladakh to picture first program is ’sed by the movie. After his base was shifted by the actor . He was supposed to shoot at these scenes in Kashmir. Nevertheless the valley has been experiencing anxiety since yesteryear few months and the situation has been intensified by the recent Uri attacks further. So it was a wise desicion on the makers part to try and hunt for a new place instead.

Since the first schedule was wrapped up before hand Tubelight’s manager Kabir Khan was not unhappy, but we don’t think that he will be lucky this time around. With Salman juggling between Bigg Boss and Tubelight, we are convinced the actor will have a tough time to wrap it shortly. Yet we are confident the film will complete promptly and we are going to see him on Eid another time. Till then we will be entertained by the celebrity with Bigg Boss and all of US know how good he’s with it.