UPSET MIRA KAPOOR! Shahid Kapoor gets INJURED during an action sequence!

UPSET MIRA KAPOOR! Shahid Kapoor gets INJURED during an action sequence!


As it was declared Rangoon continues to be in the limelight. Earlier folks were excited to understand that will feature in Vishal Bhardwaj’s challenging Casablanca-inspired love story, then the performer’s appearance made enthusiasts drool and the most recent storyline sets the movie in the news.

This indicates that the movie, which will be set through the 2Nd World War, came to an unexpected stop. What for? a Japanese performer and Shahid Kapoor were were injured on the sets of the movie over the course of a fight sequence. Kangana Ranaut and Shahid were shooting out village having an enormous convoy of Japanese soldiers when this event occurred.

We disclosed to you Shahid has injured himself also and Aamir Khan looks to get injured his leg. It appears it is the harm season and many people are becoming damage another manner or some. X rays shown a minimal inflammation and he’s been advised rest. “He continues to be identified as having pneumonia, but is recuperating and can be back shortly,” he disclosed. Nevertheless, Vishal is not unhappy using the content he’s till now.

The scale is enormous, much larger than I pictured. At least two-three pictures on World War 2 come from the West every year, however this can be the very first time we are going to learn about the participation in the war in India. But, the manager is expecting that the program isn’t affected by the injuries. As he mentioned,”I expect the recent hitch is not going to hit this program to get a six. This delay has already been costing us plenty.”We expect Shahid recuperates and returns to the shoot shortly!