US Should Accept Syrian And Iraqi Refugees, As Long As They Are...

US Should Accept Syrian And Iraqi Refugees, As Long As They Are Christians-Jeb Bush Statement


Late Thursday, Iraqi and Syrian refugees should be accepted by the United States Of America provided that they’re Christians as well as their lives are endangered, GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said, during interview.

Bush, answering to your question regarding the U.S. government’s determination to take in at least 10,000 displaced Syrians over the next year, included that the U.S. should take in just Christian refugees who “are in a situation right now that if they remain where they’re, they’ll be killed.”

“We possess a responsibility to assist individuals, but the most effective solution to fix this issue would be to direct the planet in creating a third method, which would be to eliminate ISIS from the surface of the Earth and remove [Syrian President] Assad so that there could be a secure Syria.”

The Syrian refugee crisis — triggered by a seemingly interminable struggle which is now in its fifth year — has found at least 9 million people flee their houses, seek safety in the nearby countries of Lebanon and Jordan, or try to enter Europe.

“I believe we’ve a right to determine we don’t want a lot of Muslim men and women in our state,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, before this month. “We can not ensure that you’ll be recognized.”

Yet, based on a Reuters/Ipsos survey released 35 percent of Americans said while only 20 percent encouraged the authorities to take more in, the amount was too high. Several Republicans, including Bush, have also expressed concerns the choice might present a security risk to the U.S.