US storm Hermine EXPECTED Eastern states warned

US storm Hermine EXPECTED Eastern states warned


US East Coast states are on alert for the strong thunderstorm shoving north-eastward as folks take off time for the long holiday weekend.

The high winds have left a trail of destruction in the south east of the US.

Before Hurricane Hermine was reclassified as a thunderstorm one man was killed.

Tens of countless Americans on the Atlantic coast are still endangered, officials have warned.

The East Coast continues to confront a mix of heavy rains and dangerously high winds, they say.

Considerable damage was caused by the storm on Saturday and Friday morning in Florida and Georgia, cutting off power to thousands of businesses and homes.

Hermine remains a threat to Americans who live on the coast between South Carolina and Rhode Island, officials say, and is anticipated to bring localised flood that is widespread.

Storm states are expected to reach New York on Sunday.

“Hermine not only threatens to foil weekend holidays at the seashore, but has the potential to cause damage in some communities and present threat to the lives of those that venture in the surf or on the seas,” meteorologist Alex Sosnowski told

The storm is called to make its way northwards along the Carolina coast before going on Saturday into the Atlantic and gaining momentum, possibly reaching near-hurricane strength by late Sunday, the National Hurricane Center said.

The danger of severe weather has resulted in the cancellation of concerts over the weekend and the closing of beaches in several coastal communities.

Florida’s tourism industry continues to be badly affected.

In total about 150,000 households are without power in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, utility companies reported on Saturday.