VERY TOUCHY PRODUCTION! ‘The Passion’: Meet The Cast Before They Were Stars...

VERY TOUCHY PRODUCTION! ‘The Passion’: Meet The Cast Before They Were Stars Of The Live TV Musical


Are you guys excited for ‘The Passion’ live musical on Fox as we’re?! The eight members of the cast are REALLY SO talented, plus they have unbelievable professions before getting these larger-than-life characters to boast about.

Reach learn them all here! In what is positive to be another live musical success for Fox in only hours the The Passion will grace our television screens, and we are here to assist when you are unfamiliar with the insanely gifted celebrities starring in the show!

Learn exactly what the eight cast members were up to this occasion that is major here. From 2009-2010 he starred in 2011, on Mas Sabe el Diablo, he was on Mi Corazon Insiste, as well as in Pasion Prohibida, he showed back up in 2013. Oh, and he stars in the leading part of new show Telenovela alongside Eva Longoria…no huge deal.

If you are a country music lover, you will undoubtedly know of Trisha Yearwood (she plays Mary, mother of Jesus in the play), and in the event the name alone does not do it, how’s this: She Is Garth Brooks’ wife! As a solo musician, Trisha has put out ten records, two of which hit No. 1 on the charts.

Her 1st tune in 1991, “I am In Love With The Boy,” was a No. 1 hit, and although she largely stepped back from the music arena in 2007, she is had an amazingly successful career. He came about the fifth season in fourth spot, with Taylor Hicks being named the victor, but regardless of the disappointing finish, he is had quite a livelihood.

They have put out four records that were successful and Chris formed the group Daughtry and only released a Greatest Hits record — certainly you do not have to win Idol to to make it! Prince Royce and Saint Peter in The Passion will play, but he is had a music career of his own for quite sometime.

If you do not know Seal, playing with Pontius Pilate, for his unbelievable music profession, you will likely recall that he was married to Heidi Klum for seven years! Michael has had a longstanding career with three Grammys under his belt, as a modern Christian and mainstream musicians.

Shane has starred on shows like Zoey 101, Awkward, Wizards of Good Luck Charlie and Waverly Place, and even had a part as an additional in High School Musical 2. Eventually, there is a Vine star who resides for amusing and can surely get an opportunity to do that thanks to the larger-than-life character on a stage that is much larger, Gabriel.