Vicky pattison be a sexy shower scene girl

Vicky pattison be a sexy shower scene girl


She may have nailed seductively appearing On The Seashore days from the ocean during her Ex, but Vicky Pattison ran in to some difficulties during her first jungle shower.

That’s correct; the jungle worldie eventually took the plunge, fully intent on showing her sexy side.

Unfortunately, she didn’t quite reach Myleene Klass amounts – something Queen V was more than happy to laugh about.

She joked: “I kept dropping my soap, I’ve seen other people do it, close their eyes, head back, and they do it so effortlessly sexy.

“But I had loads of soap in my eyes, shampoo everywhere, I tried to be sexy but my eyes were just stinging, I couldn’t see.

“It was a disaster, I’m not a jungle sexy shower scene girl.”