VICKY Pattison has revealed what she won’t be doing

VICKY Pattison has revealed what she won’t be doing


Insisting that she will not be getting up close and personal with anyone in the camp, the Mirror reported the former Geordie Shore star saying: “I am not a highly sexual man. I prefer drink. I do. A good gin and tonic any day.

“You are never disappointed with a gin and tonic. It does not fail on top of you! Only kidding.”

However flirting isn’t off the cards as just added: “I actually think I will miss drink over sex. I’ll miss necking on. I love kissing folks and I really like all its rest and flirting. But if I will flirt in the jungle I should be fine.”

On the topic of intimacy, the reality TV star, who will soon head to the jungle with Ferne McCann and Spencer Matthews, also spoke about one of the show’s rules.

“I heard one of the rules today was no masturbating. You believe ‘who the f*** would wish to accomplish that in the jungle?”, the star questioned.

“Like you are filthy, you’re minging, surrounded by people, old folks, many of them old enough to be my nanna. And I’m simply gonna believe ‘wey aye man!’ I could not think of anything worse in my sleeping bag and.

“You’d bump into cockroaches and all sorts. No thank you.”

Charlotte Crosby’s buddy declared that she needs individuals to see the very best of her, as Vicky, 28, prepares to head to the jungle.

“I want to reveal there are lots of different sides to me. From Geordie Shore’s end I got fully pigeonholed, I was the bitch and I was sort of.

I’m not ashamed of them but there is a lot more to me than that.”