The bodies of 50 migrants were found on Thursday in a truck...

The bodies of 50 migrants were found on Thursday in a truck in Austria


Update: 3 detained in 71 migrant deaths in Austria

One defendant is seemingly a Bulgarian of Lebanese ancestry who owned the truck at which bodies were discovered. The discovery opened a fresh phase of despair and risk in the migrant disaster in Europe.

Authorities said the vehicle — which carried Hungarian number plates and had the mark of a Slovakian poultry company — comprised between 20 and 50 bodies.

It was yet unclear how they’d perished.

“Now is a dreary day… This tragedy affects us all greatly,” Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said in a press conference.

The deaths came a day after at least 55 migrants were discovered dead in afflicted boats in the Mediterranean, adding to your cost of more than 2,300 individuals who’ve drowned while trying to reach Europe by sea

Balkan leaders and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, meeting to talk about the best way to handle the escalating catastrophe, responded with shock to the disaster that was Austrian.

The western Balkans is now an important path for refugees and migrants attempting to cross over into EU member state Hungary. Most subsequently make an effort to make it to more wealthy European nations like Sweden and Germany.

Speaking at the Vienna meeting, Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said cash that is external supplied so far was not sufficient to handle the large numbers.

“This is an issue of the European Union and we (the transit states) are likely to produce an action plan,” Dacic said.

“I believe the European Union needs to develop a strategy first,” he said. “I ‘ve to be somewhat direct here. Please understand, we’re bearing the brunt of the situation.”

His counterpart repeated this from Macedonia, which after being not able to survive, last week declared a state of emergency and close its border.

“Unless we’ve got a European solution to the problem, none of us should be under any delusion that this is solved,” Nikola Poposki said.

However he also called on authorities there “to help handle the expectations of your citizens and give them a realistic image of their almost non-existent opportunities of being granted asylum in Germany.”

Nearly 40 percent of asylum seekers in Germany are from the western Balkan states, Steinmeier said. The daily amount of people crossing into Hungary reach on a record 3,000, including almost 700 kids, latest police figures revealed.

After violence erupted in a refugee processing center close to the Hungarian border town of Rozke lawmakers are set to debate whether to deploy troops to stem the inflow.

Alarmed by the growing humanitarian disaster, UN leader Ban Ki-moon has encouraged states “in Europe and elsewhere to demonstrate their empathy and do considerably a lot more to bring a conclusion to the catastrophe”.

Hamstrung with an absence of a coherent European response, authorities have taken contradictory approaches to the issue.

Germany, which will be preparing to get a record 800,000 asylum seekers this year, has facilitated the application process for Syrians savage civil . that was war

But Berlin’s largesse is not welcomed by everyone at home, especially in the east where refugee centers have been targeted by a spate of assaults.

Nevertheless, she vowed: “There will probably not be any tolerance of those that challenge the dignity of others.”