The Voice Judges for Season 8 released

The Voice Judges for Season 8 released


The Voice is back for season 8! The Voice 2015 is coming with four of our favorite judges on board, and the mentors for this season have been revealed.

Among them Christina Aguilera has returned after a two season hiatus, though she appeared on the show last season as a mentor. Pharrell Williams also back for more action. And, of course, our favorite bromance is in full bloom with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton ready to compete for another win.

Every season of The Voice starts off with the best part of the show: the Blind Auditions. So when we tune in to the season 8 premiere, expect great talent, hilarious banter between the four coaches and the celebs jockeying to get contestants onto their teams.

A fantastic, rocking performance, for sure. To me, Christina was the standout of the group — her voice is still as fantastic as it’s ever been, and I loved the rasp in her voice.

The Voice relies heavily on its celebrity coaches, but let’s not forget that there are contestants. And the premiere will definitely feature some talented singers.

Sawyer has an interesting voice, though I think there are some weaknesses in there that might show through more in future rounds. But for now, it doesn’t matter because he got all four coaches to turn around. Adam and Christina were especially pushing hard to get him to choose them, with Christina weirdly saying things like, “We have to be buddies, we have to be roommates.” Um, Christina, he’s 15.

The next audition preview shows Sarah Potenza performing The Faces’ “Stay with Me.” And she absolutely slays it ” I love the rocker sound and vibe she’s got going on”.

Again, we’ve got all four coaches turning around, with Christina holding out until the final seconds. Sarah’s excited about this outcome and has a fun personality. Blake, as usual, is using his country roots and location as a way to get Sarah on his team. The humorous moment, though, is when Adam tries to keep up with Pharrell by walking closer and closer to Sarah.