WAAHHH SEXY BABY BUMP- Pregnant Coco Shows Off Her Bare Baby Bump

WAAHHH SEXY BABY BUMP- Pregnant Coco Shows Off Her Bare Baby Bump


It is nearly time for infant Chanel!

Pregnant star Cocotook tonight to share an upgraded baby bump picture along with her followers to maintain them updated on the final leg. Matching trousers and wearing a leopard print bra, the blonde beauty flaunted her naked bun that was growing in the oven to get a mirror selfie, while also sharing that she is nearing her due date.

“I’m behind on my baby bump pics! This is from week 36! On Thanksgiving in 3 days i will be 37 weeks,” she captioned the pic. “I’m really proud of my new baby blog which 5 new posts were just added.. I got the idea to do one in the middle of my pregnancy when so many people were asking questions. I’ve spent hours writing and incorporating photos with my words..Soon I will post all bump pics ..Check it out www.theCocoBlog.com.”

Coco received numerous criticism with skeptics questioning her pregnancy due to her just there hit, something the star confessed was really frustrating.

News. “The sole way you can physically see my bulge was to get kind of midway nude also to see it in the side angle.”

So that is what she did–she modeled in a thong bikini. “Even 8 months along, if I am wearing a loose top, you can never tell I was pregnant. It must be a particular angle. Therefore i believed wearing a swimsuit would reveal folks that I’m pregnant.”