WAIT IS OVER! Jacqueline Fernandez FINALLY reacts to being called Ranbir Kapoor’s...

WAIT IS OVER! Jacqueline Fernandez FINALLY reacts to being called Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘special’ friend – watch video


Now a lot has been reported about Ranbir Kapoor having a soft corner for Jacqueline Fernandez. Actually, a source close to some top daily even disclosed how Ranbir has been sending flattering messages to Jacqueline since he’s broken up with Katrina Kaif but the latter has been ignoring him for reasons. Now is this really true? Is Ranbir extremely attempting to hit on Jacqueline? Well, we strove to getting in contact with Jacqueline’s supervisor but she obviously decided to stay mum. But suppose Jacqueline is quite amused by the whole fuss surrounding her and Ranbir. Yes!

Last night looking as fairly as Jacqueline was spotted at a Sobo restaurant and she astonishingly happened to respond with Ranbir to a question about her camaraderie. If there’s anything particular to her camaraderie with Ranbir After all, a reporter probed her inquiring? And you wouldn’t consider, Jacqueline’s instant reaction was a startled face after which, she quickly turned to her manager and repeated the question saying – My friendship with Ranbir??”Clearly, Jacqueline isn’t willing to talk about the rumours or whatsoever. But the fact she walked past by smiling at the randomness, merely and really duplicated the question clarifies how such things don’t worry her much and that she does by responding to it n’t want to add fuel to the rumours.

Now is this the cost for being single that Jacqueline is paying? You decide! But this takes us back to the time Jacqueline and Ranbir worked together in Roy which also works out to be their last movie and their first undoubtedly. So will these rumours additionally change Jacqueline’s professional relationship with Ranbir now? See this video under and do share your ideas in the comments.