Wakeup TITANIC FANS! Kate Winslet Says What Every ‘Titanic’ Fan Has Been...

Wakeup TITANIC FANS! Kate Winslet Says What Every ‘Titanic’ Fan Has Been Thinking: Jack Totally Could’ve Survived


Kate Winslet absolutely just declared that she KILLED Leonardo DiCaprio!!! Okay, well, sort of. As every ‘Titanic’ enthusiast has been saying for years, Jack unquestionably could have fit on that door with Kate after the ship went under…and Kate agrees!

Titanic writers and filmmakers clearly didn’t do a very convincing job with Leonardo DiCaprio’s closing scene, because Kate Winslet and thousands of other fans are not favorable that his character, Jack, shouldn’t have expired.

Maybe we’ll have to reunite these A-listers and movie an alternative end!?”I agree, I think he could’ve actually fitted on such an little door!” Kate admitted to Jimmy Kimmel on Feb. 1. Obviously, she’s referring to the scene where Rose and Jack jump to the freezing cold ocean after the Titanic sinks, by floating on a door in the boat, while he freezes to death in her arms and she endures.

Enthusiasts have already been saying for years that Jack could’ve fit on the door with Rose, and Kate clearly agrees!

The co-stars have stayed close friends since the movie came out nearly 20 years past — Leo even walked her down the aisle at her wedding in 2012 — and they were even seated at the same table at the SAG Awards on Jan. 30. “Folks are always so excited to see Leo and myself in exactly the same space, which, at the end of the day…that is so lovely isn’t it?” Kate gushed. “It’s been 20 years and individuals still get this type of kick from it. It is really endearing and we do adore that. We were giggling about it last night.”

Leo has magnificently never won an Academy Award, but things are definitely looking promising for him this season after taking home the Golden Globe and SAG for his part in The Revenant.