War Of The Exes: Kangana Ranaut suffers from MENTAL disorder, claims Hrithik...

War Of The Exes: Kangana Ranaut suffers from MENTAL disorder, claims Hrithik Roshan’s legal notice!


Kangana on the other hand responded having a legal notice by calling the attempts of concealing their relationship of Hrithik overly a ‘awkward’ one.

While their best was trying to wrap their heads around what they only read, a top daily got in contact with all the attorneys of both parties that spilled beans in regards to the specific status of the tiff. In line with the reports, the notice of Hrithik asserts that Kangana suffers from Asperger’s syndrome making her picture matters. In return Kangana has asserted the Mohenjo Daro performer has his own mental illness. Here’s an excerpt in the notice shared by the day-to-day:

So there should have been 30,000 emails as opposed to 1,439 emails asserted and this totals to 601 days in the notice.

“Your client (Hrithik) has claimed to having received 50 emails a day from the day Kangana got to know of the correct email id till the date of sending the notice. This totals to 601 days and therefore there should have been 30,000 mails as opposed to 1,439 mails claimed in the notice. This fact further proves the exaggeration and false claims made by your client.”
The notice of Kangana also says that she’s not some dim witted teen who continues to be smitten and that whatever occurred between the two of them was with complete approval of both parties. “It’s relevant to record that the client throughout supported my client and totally involved her; he also failed to make any effort to block her. There’s absolutely no communication to my customer objecting to any e-mails from him. This shows that he received the e-mails along with his involvement and approval,” the notice says.

Seems like the performers are unwilling to back down.