We don’t talk every day, but every now and then she hits...

We don’t talk every day, but every now and then she hits up my phone. Well, I hit hers too: Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber, who in the past week has declared his love for Selena Gomez came up again on the current status of the relationship. According to him, they’re essentially friends now. “She’s my homie!” Justin tells Us Weekly. Well, I hit hers also.”

Justin really is single, he keeps, in part due to the blunders he made with Selena. He said, “I am still not ready to date again. My last relationship truly dashed . We were too young to understand what we were doing and invested too much of ourselves. But I learned from her how to treat a girl next time, making them feel protected.”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have talked at length about their relationship during their press tours. Different people’ve reached settlement and therefore are moving forward, Selena recently said. She told ELLE last month who knows if they will get back together. It is a new time, and they’re individuals that are distinct.

But in the leaked duets and concealed “Selena” messages in Justin’s music videos, Justin Bieber will freely acknowledge it is not over and done for him. He explained, “She is someone I love dearly. He added, “I’m never going to prevent checking in on her. I actually don’t believe if you end a relationship, you should stop that, unless it was not super nontoxic and you guys were injuring each other physically or mentally. We constantly valued each other, and we still value each other.”