WEIRD: Wife of man marrying his mother called her ‘mummy girlfriend’ before...

WEIRD: Wife of man marrying his mother called her ‘mummy girlfriend’ before discovering they were having sex


The ex wife of a person who intends to marry and have children along with his biological mother called her ‘mummy girlfriend’ as she grew suspicious about their relationship. Ben Ford, 32, was reunited with his mother Kim West, 51, in December 2013, nearly 30 years after she gave him up.

After experiencing an ‘immediate bond’ they started a sexual relationship which resulted in Ben leaving his wife – named as Victoria.

The couple insist their ‘incredible’ sex life is not incest, but ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’, a term used after assembly as adults for relatives who feel sexual attraction for every other.

Vicky told Real life magazine how Ben’s wife, then 22, became concerned regarding the relationship before launching a ‘hysterical’ rant when she was told they were having sex.

She said: “(Victoria) was welcoming, yet I couldn’t warm to her. I felt a growing sense of competition and when Ben touched her I felt jealous.

“I became even more aware of the fact that (Victoria) thought I was spending too much time with Ben. She would constantly call him when we were together.

“Eventually, he admitted she was giving him grief about spending time with me. ‘She calls you mummy girlfriend’ he said.”