Well that is what his tweet signals.

Well that is what his tweet signals.


He tweeted photos Rhea Kapoor, of his daughter, on a picture of an associate who modeled with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays the part of a gay attorney named Mitch, along with the set of the American success show.

It looked Kapoor had a long approach to take before anything could materialise even though the rumours started to circulate in December a year ago.

Television content is still old-fashioned, although Bollywood can be a progressive fraternity. Is India prepared to get a Modern Family TV show?

Speaking to Times of India Kapoor reasoned: “I believe India is prepared to get a Modern Family. The middle class is growing fast and we’ve got a fresh government which makes the future seem bright.”

Told in the view of a hidden documentary filmmaker, the show has an honest, often-hilarious view of family life.