WEST BANK GAZA! U.S. restates labeling rules on ‘made in Israel’ products

WEST BANK GAZA! U.S. restates labeling rules on ‘made in Israel’ products


America has issued a reminder that products imported from the West Bank or Gaza must not be labeled “made in Israel,” the State Department supported on Thursday.The guidance was issued last week by U.S. Customs but argument erupted after media reports indicated Washington was hardening its stand against Israeli settlement policy.

As being from Israel, some Israeli settlers dwelling in the West Bank are recognized to label products for export, and the European Union lately acted to prohibit the practice. The European move, which Israel feels discriminates against Jewish manufacturers and sums to some boycott has been condemned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

The resolutions are deemed illegal under international law, and a few supporters of the Palestinian claim on the West Bank have demanded a boycott of settler products.

The Usa opposes Israel’s settlement of the place, but insists its labeling regulations do not discriminate between Israeli and Palestinian companies.”Our understanding is that there were claims of tagging, approximately nine or ten charges,” Toner said, describing why U.S. Customs had reissued its guidance.”As you understand, U.S. guidelines do not distinguish between products made in settlements or anyplace else in the West Bank,” he said.