Whaaaaaat? Will Bajirao Mastani Be Banned in Pakistan?

Whaaaaaat? Will Bajirao Mastani Be Banned in Pakistan?


Epic film Bajirao Mastani has already been mired in controversy with Peshwa Bajirao’s family members objecting to how the characters are depicted, in the home. However, the problems of the movie appear close to be finishing, as it is often prohibited even over the edge.

An article in DNA reported that The Express Tribune quoted Mobasher Hasan, chairman of the CBFC explaining why the decision to not allow screening was made, “Firstly, the film is in Hindi and our ordinance does not allow Hindi films to be screened. Secondly, it is a historical drama that is indirectly against Islam and Muslims.”

It’s not impossible that specific dialogues and cozy scenes could also have played a role in the determination to prohibit the movie, the censor board in Pakistan has termed the movie anti-Islamic and has said that it cannot permit this kind of movie to be published in Pakistan.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Diwale continues to be approved for launch in Pakistan.

  • Dimala Tikrit

    “Indirectly against islam” = muslim woman marrying a hindu man. Insecure muzzies. I saw it from a mile away. Why is everyone acting so surprised?