Whaaaaat?? Ranbir Kapoor paid Rs 38 crore for Tamasha?

Whaaaaat?? Ranbir Kapoor paid Rs 38 crore for Tamasha?


Ranbir Kapoor is among the best performers of Bollywood and his performance speaks for itself. or Ved Sahni from Tamasha, he’s got the ability to be A MASSIVE star.

But, the star’s asking price has not gone down. A recently available IT raid on the offices of Kwan, the bureau that handles Ranbir Kapoor disclosed the performer was paid an eyecatching sum for Tamasha.

As a source reveals, “Tamasha has not done the type of company that everyone expected it to do, but it doesn’t pinch the leading man too much.

It was previously additionally reported that Rs 30 crores had charged for Bombay Velvet which made in the national box office about Rs 24 crore. Yeah, we think he got paid more than that which the movie made.

Additionally, Hrithik Roshan, who continues to be in the business a decade more got Rs 50 crores. A number of other celebrities including Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer Singh have worked on commission or profit sharing foundation and RK has additionally executed that in several movies.

Seems just like the Kapoor lad is really on the correct path perhaps and he shows that for those who have ability, you’ll be paid nicely and anything will not change.