What you need to do 1st thing with the new iPhone 6

What you need to do 1st thing with the new iPhone 6


Within my in depth iPhone 6s review, I made the bold claim that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus of this year signify Apple’s biggest ever update compared to the models they replace. It is an interesting claim on the surface, considering “S” upgrades are generally somewhat iterative iPhone updates offering general performance improvements along with one new main characteristic. Actually, after over a month with all the new iPhone 6s, the speed that is insanely rapid continues to surprise me.

Past examples of the aforementioned flagship characteristic contain Touch and Siri ID, and 3D Touch is the show’s star this year. But iPhone users, I think we all need to just stop what we’re doing for a minute and chat about 3D Touch…

Thursday is my first day back on the job after having a nice, long, much-needed vacation, during which I did a good amount of traveling. After the start of the new iPhones of Apple this past September, a good amount of those individuals were obviously iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users.

I noticed two things that were interesting, as I observed them in passing.

I was surprised at just how many people I saw using 3D Touch gestures. I merely happened to detect plenty of occasions where individuals were using 3D Touch, although I was not going to watch people use their phones, clear. From passengers waiting outside a gate in the airport to folks showing off Live Pictures on a cliff side in the Smoky Mountains, iPhone 6s users were using 3D Touch.

This truly surprised me. I think 3D Touch is a superb characteristic that marks the first significant change in smartphone input signal since the capacitive touchscreen, so I am happy to see so a lot of people benefiting from the functionality. I don’t think Apple has done a good job at all 3 D Touch functions though, which is why I was surprised to find it being used extensively in communicating.

But that lack of communication leads me to the second interesting thing I discovered: People seem to believe they have to be able to use 3D Touch, to summon the strength.

Maybe Apple foresaw this problem and it played a role in the firm’s decision to rename “Force Touch” to “3D Touch.” The case didn’t work well if that’s it. Folks still seem to believe they must use an enormous amount of pressure to be able to activate matters like Peeks and Pops. I seriously thought I was going to see some users’ fingers are pushed by they direct through their iPhone screens.

So a public service announcement — 3D Touch doesn’t want that much force to recognize a firm press. And beyond that, it’s time to make sure that people’s phones (and fingers) are safe from this misconception, which will be apparently prevalent.

Then, underneath that slider, you will discover a box where you can text just how much pressure is required to trigger things like Peeks and Pops. As you’ll soon find, it is actually not that much extra pressure.