Why India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Washington!! Again

Why India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Washington!! Again


When India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi concludes his three-day visit to Washington on Wednesday, he will probably reflect on the way in which the relationship between the world’s two largest democracies has become ever nearer, a step towards executing U.S. President Barack Obama’s prophesy that India and the United States would form “one of the defining partnerships” of the 21st century.

At minimum, Modi deserves credit for creating an impressive quantity of air miles. Additionally it is the seventh time he’s met Obama.

But there exists an important first this week too: Wednesday will mark the first time Modi continues to be encouraged to address a Joint Meeting of Congress in the House Chamber — a honor bestowed on just a couple of world leaders each year.

Wednesday’s address to Congress will finish an improbable turnaround for Modi, going to prize in over two years.

The clouds hanging over Modi’s standing date back to 2002 when he was Chief Minister of the western state of Gujarat. Rampaging Hindus in the final action of a horrible spate of riots killed over a thousand Muslims.

Human rights activists have long alleged that Modi was complicit; India’s courts have not been able to establish any truth to those claims.

The clause was rendered irrelevant when Modi became Prime Minister,. The leader of the world’s biggest democracy was just too important.