WHY PUBLISH THIS? TV Guide letter calls pregnant TVNZ presenter Jenny-May Coffin...

WHY PUBLISH THIS? TV Guide letter calls pregnant TVNZ presenter Jenny-May Coffin an ‘eyesore’


The guy behind opinions calling a pregnant TVNZ presenter an “eyesore” has apologised, saying he was “out of touch”.

Lower Hutt man John Rook called sports presenter Jenny-May Coffin “an eyesore” in a letter printed in the newest edition of TV Guide’s Mr Telly section.

Rook inquired who was responsible for letting a sports presenter in “a very pregnant state” to remain on screen.

He went to say it was time to replace the 41-year-old former Silver Fern.Yet, Rook has since apologised online after many people did not share his point of view hit out on social networking and sent messages of support to Coffin.

On Monday, the 69-year old father of three said he never meant to offend Coffin and would apologise if he’d done so but he stood by his spot.”My personal view is it does not look nice…Do you ever see pregnant air hostesses?

Do you ever see a guy using a big gut on him on the TV?”Rook said he was surprised TV Guide had printed his letter but said he suspected he wasn’t the only individual to feel this manner.

“Perhaps I am the only one courageous enough to come out as well as say it.”But since the backlash Rook, in a remark to Stuff.co.nz, said he truly apologised.”

As a heavily pregnant girl I struggle with my own, personal devils about my body changing shape but I choose to stay in front of the camera to support others to be proud of the job that we are doing – creating life,”


She said in a post on her personal Facebook page.”It is a significant privilege to carry and produce a human being and within my case two. Just like it’s a privilege to enter into your living rooms each weekend.”