Why She Turned Down Role in Broadway Play

Why She Turned Down Role in Broadway Play


Sienna Miller made headlines recently after she told Vogue she turned down a part in a Broadway play. On Monday’s Good Morning America, the performer explained why.

“It was merely a situation where…it was two people in a play and the actress was offered less than half precisely what the male was offered,” she remembered. “And the actress had been quite certain that if it was two men, that that wouldn’t have happened.”

Miller said there’s just one manner actresses can gain equivalent pay.

“Miller believe everybody must come together to take action,” she said. “It is believe it is crazy in this very day and age when girls are doing the exact same occupations as men that we are undervalued to that amount. But I also think it comes from within women. Sienna believe there is a global conversation occurring which is actually inspiring, but it is gonna require sacrifice.”

SiennaMiller Burned co star Bradley Cooper already told Reuters hat he’s prepared to assist by speaking out concerning the pay disparity in Hollywood base on gender.

It is the next time after the two starred inAmerican Sniper Miller has co-starred with Cooper on the big screen.

Miller said on GMA that working on the movie she learned how a kitchen works. “[Miller] comprehend more the manner that the restaurant is run. And if food sits on a path for at least two minutes, they need to throw it all away in that sort of restaurant,” Sienna explained. You know, little things you’d pick up.”

Burnt, also starring Uma Thurman and Matthew Rhys, is out Friday.