Why They Released Their Romantic Duet ‘Strong’

Why They Released Their Romantic Duet ‘Strong’


It was no coincidence that Selena Gomez’s romantic song and Justin Bieber, ‘Strong,’ inexplicably debuted right between the release dates of BOTH their new albums! HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on why the track handily hit airwaves on Oct. 17.

It is all about record sales, people!

As we previously reported, the ex-husbands truly recorded the tune a little while ago, but having it come out now was an absolute company decision. “They were all well aware at time of recording that if they did do a duet, it is likely that it would be picked up in some way or another,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY.

“They also knew they were both going to be releasing records in 2015, so a duet with each other would help them get more exposure if it had been leaked at round the time of both of these releases.”

Indeed, “Strong” was first played just over a week after Selena’s album Revival fell, and less than three weeks prior to the release date of Justin’s Goal. The whole thing undoubtedly did get fans discussing, notably considering that the track was taken SoundCloud and YouTube off and most people are dying to find another way they can hear it.

“If fans can piggyback off each other for more promotion, they are happy to take action,” our source added.

As already reported, Selena and Justin worked on “Strong” at the exact same time they were separately working independently records, as well as the whole thing was planned for months. Hmm…looks like this actually was only a publicity matter, but we’ll be patiently waiting to see whether the tune shows up on Justin’s record, which comes out Nov. 13!